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New Hampshire And Maine Civil Litigation: Associated Attorneys of New England

Civil litigation can threaten you with the loss of your hard-earned assets and make some of life’s most stressful experiences even more difficult. In those types of situations, obtaining a successful resolution is essential.

At Associated Attorneys of New England, we understand how important your legal issues are for you and we are ready and able to work hard to help you through them in a proactive and cost-effective way. We are ready with the tools to help you through negotiation, dispute resolution, or settlement. And if litigation is the only way to protect your interests and achieve your goals, we will fight for your financial and legal rights, providing you with expert representation through every stage of trial.

Whether you are a resident of Maine or New Hampshire, you can count on the civil litigation attorneys at Associated Attorneys of New England. From neighbor disputes to small business disputes, we are committed to helping our clients with any legal issues with one goal in mind: To protect your rights under the law and to ensure the best possible outcome. If you are facing any type of legal issue that pertains to contract law, civil rights law or consumer protection, contact our Manchester, New Hampshire, office at 603-734-5476. We’ll be happy to review your case and provide a free recommendation on the best way to proceed.

Working To Protect Civil Rights

Few things are more stressful than having your basic rights trampled upon. We protect Maine and New Hampshire residents from a variety of violations including police misconduct, student rights and employee discrimination. We understand these issues are very serious and we will take the time to evaluate all of the evidence available and make sure we find a resolution. Whether we can settle the issue through negotiations with the other party or through litigation and trial, we won’t rest until we’ve reached an agreed-upon goal. If necessary, we’ll take the case to court and represent you through every stage of trial.

Consumer Protection Litigation

Consumers who are being foreclosed upon or harassed by debt collectors often feel they have no options but to take whatever abuse is being heaped on them. However, there are state and federal laws that protect you from abusive collection practices and at Associated Attorneys of New England, we make sure collectors are held accountable for their actions, and Banks provide mortgage modification, or short-sale or Deed in Lieu (DIL) options when and were appropriate.

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