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A New England Law Firm Fighting For The Rights Of Accused

If you’re facing criminal charges, you likely need no reminder about the potential sentence you will face, if convicted. But a conviction can also have noncriminal consequences that last for years or even a lifetime after your sentence has been served. A criminal record can make it much harder to find a job, a place to live, pursue higher education or get access to student loans.

Needless to say, now is not the time to take chances with your freedom or your future. Instead, contact a skilled criminal defense attorney like those at Associated Attorneys of New England. You can trust that we will always advocate for your best interests and will never judge you for what you are going through.

No Matter The Charges, We Are Here For You

We can defend you against nearly any criminal charges in state or federal court, including:

  • Drunk driving (DUI, DWI or OUI)
  • Drug charges (possession, intent to distribute, trafficking, etc.)
  • Weapons offenses
  • Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Robbery, burglary and other types of theft
  • Motor vehicle offenses and violations (speeding, driving without a license, etc.)

You May Have More Legal Options Than You Think

Criminal charges are scary – especially when it seems like the evidence against you is overwhelming. Certainly, the prosecutor will likely try to give you that impression and pressure you to take a plea deal. But evidence can be challenged, eyewitness statements can be discredited, and police procedural mistakes or violations of your rights can weaken the case.

Before you decide that you’re out of options, call our firm to speak with one of our experienced and tenacious criminal defense attorneys. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin working on a strategy to either defend you at trial or otherwise resolve your charges in the most favorable manner available.

Discuss Your Case With Us In A Free Initial Consultation

Associated Attorneys of New England proudly serves clients throughout New Hampshire and Maine, and offers skilled defense against a wide variety of criminal charges. We are pleased to offer free initial consultations to prospective clients, and we also have a number of payment options available upon request.

To speak to one of our attorneys about your case, fill out our online contact form or call us in Manchester at 603-734-5476.