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Associated Attorneys Of New England Real Estate Law

Buyers and sellers of property in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine need an attorney who understands the entire real estate process from the time of the initial purchase and sale agreement through the closing on your home purchase. Associated Attorneys of New England provides honest and affordable real estate legal services regardless of whether you are a buyer, seller or broker. We strive to provide efficient, prompt, streamlined title insurance, escrow and settlement services for homebuyers and investors. By leveraging technology, we make the closing process faster and more transparent for you or your clients. Contact us today to learn how and why this benefits you.

Protecting You When Purchasing Real Estate

Regardless of what stage of the process you’re in when purchasing real estate, you need competent legal counsel. Investigating a property for potential acquisition, reviewing land restrictions and use prior to purchasing or reviewing purchase and sale agreements are all integral to a successful transaction. Purchasing any type of real estate entails taking risks, but at Associated Attorneys of New England, we can help mitigate those risks by reviewing all aspects of your transaction and handling your closing. Who is closing your home loan? Contact us today.

Protecting Your Rights When Selling Property

Sellers typically work with a broker, and we’re ready and able to assist either a client directly or a broker to ensure that their client’s rights are protected throughout the sales process. We’re happy to help make sure that all documents are in place and the transaction protects sellers’ rights from beginning to end.

Full Range Of Real Estate Services

At Associated Attorneys of New England, we provide title insurance, loan closings, escrow and settlement services. We know that whether you’re purchasing or selling property, you’ll have questions that need to be addressed throughout the process, and we’ll be happy to make sure you get the answers you need.

Contact the Manchester, New Hampshire, offices of Associated Attorneys of New England at 603-734-5476 for assistance with all your real estate purchase and sale questions. We’re happy to work with buyers, sellers and real estate brokers to ensure proper representation throughout the real estate purchase and sale process.

Support For Mortgage Brokers And Real Estate Agents

At our firm, we will not only take great care of your clients, but we will cater to your needs as well. We often provide informal legal advice and support for our friends in the real estate industry. If you would like to partner on a deal or learn how our technology can benefit you and your clients, please contact us directly, and we will be glad to assist.