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DUI Hardship License Finally Available In New Hampshire In 2016

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Joining Maine and Massachusetts, New Hampshire will update its drunk driving laws and allow the opportunity for first time DUI offenders to drive again starting in January 2016. A hardship license may also be known as a “Cinderella license” because in other states, they might expire at midnight; or a work license due to their goal of allowing you to be able to work, while still restricting driving. The official name here in New Hampshire is a limited privilege license. If you or someone you know has had a DUI arrest, read on.

Penalty for Driving Under the Influence / Driving While Intoxicated:
In New Hampshire, a first time DUI offense carries a minimum of nine months and a maximum of two years loss of license. For the average New Hampshire citizen the loss of license caused by a DUI, DWI, or OUI can be a major hurdle. In some cases it may be impossible for those convicted of DUI to get to work, school or to the hospital for medical treatment. This new law allows some people who are under suspension to drive under a select set of circumstances. For those living under a DWI suspension, this new law could be a much needed reprieve from the burdens a lost license can cause.

New Law Creates a Special License For First Time DUI Revocation:
House Bill 496-FN provides the limitations of the new hardship license law. The charge must be under RSA 265-A:2(I) (first time offense), and must not involve a commercial motor vehicle.

Once received, the license is limited to use for the “times, places, and days determined to be necessary for the person to seek or retain employment, to attend alcohol, or drug treatment, or rehabilitation program, to attend job training, or to obtain required medical treatment for the person or a member of the person’s immediate family.”

What If I Drive Anyway, Even Without a Valid License?
The short answer is DON’T DO IT! But the unfortunate fact of the matter is that it is nearly impossible to survive in New Hampshire without driving.  Because of this, we know that many people continue to drive even after their license has been suspended or revoked.  Maybe you had no other choice before, but you may have an option now.  The State takes Driving After Revocation or Suspension of your license VERY seriously when it results from a Drunk Driving arrest.  Even though the fine may be only $250 for a first offense in other cases, where the revocation stems from a DUI, the MINIMUM penalty includes 7 days in jail!

Additional Risks of Serious Jail Time and Loss of License for Habitual Offenders:
Such offenses will also put you on track for the more serious trouble of being certified as a “Habitual Offender.” You absolutely do not want that to happen since driving after being certified as a habitual offender could land you in Jail for up to FIVE years.

Help is Now Available – Sign Me Up for a Hardship License!
Do not let this happen to you. Let us assist you to Petition the Court for a Hardship license so you can avoid further additional trouble caused by driving without a license.  In order to qualify for this special license, a petition must be filed with the Court and sufficient evidence of the need for the license must be provided. Our DUI attorneys can offer help and assistance with compiling, filing and presenting this petition to give you the best chance at success and we are currently offering a flat fee, or payment by credit card option, to help with the cost and avoid any surprises.

Please contact us now or call 603-734-5476 today to discuss your options.

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